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Ignition Modules

Gill ignition modules are designed to control normally aspirated, turbo-charged and lean-burn engines running on LPG, natural gas and bio gas.

Digital Ignition Displays

Gill Ignition Displays provide feedback of engine RPM and ignition angle, coil diagnostics (if 'Spark Diagnostics' option is selected in ignition module), status flags and allows engine-timing adjustment. The displays are compatible with GS8 and GS12 Ignition Modules and are available in panel-mount and surface-mount configurations.

Ignition Control Software

Advanced Spark Diagnostics allows the user to remotely monitor the condition of the high-tension voltage supplied to the spark plugs.

Shielded Ignition System Enclosure

The EH12 Enclosure is CSA certified, suitable for housing the GS6, GS8 or GS12 ignition modules.

Inductive Ignition Pickups

Our range of inductive ignition pickups is compatible with our engine control systems and has been designed to give reliable performance even in the most demanding applications.

Pickup Conversion Kits

Convert your Altronic® III and Altronic® V ignition systems to a fully programmable advanced Gill inductive ignition system.

Complete Ignition Kits

Gill ignition kits are especially suitable for CNG or LNG applications, both for specification on new engines and for conversion of existing diesel engines.

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Ignition Technology Explained

Ignition Technology Explained

Engine Controls Brochure

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