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Meteorological Instruments

Ultrasonic Anemometers  Wind Sensors - Meteorological Instruments

Our range of ultrasonic anemometers is the largest in the world, with 12 individual instruments available in multiple specification configurations. All products are solid-state with no moving parts, providing reliable, maintenance-free operation.

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Weather Stations - Meteorolgical Instruments

The MetPak range of weather stations has become the benchmark for modern, professional weather instrumentation. MetPak, MetPak RG and MetPak Pro are all capable of monitoring wind speed & direction, temperature & humidity, barometric pressure and dew point, with MetPak RG also making provision for precipitation measurement and MetPak Pro adding analogue, digital and PRT inputs for connection of up to four extra sensors.

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Meteorological Instruments Enquiry

MetPak Base Station + Wind Sensor From only £1435