Fit and forget wind sensors and weather stations are a reality for sailing clubs

January 12th, 2022 | Category: Applications & Case Studies

There’s nothing to beat a real customer endorsement. This one shows when we say ‘fit and forget’ we really mean it:

‘I would like to send some praise to your company [Gill] for our [WindSonic] anemometer which has worked flawlessly and maintenance free for many many years in the harshest conditions, stuck on a pole on top of our sailing club. Some great engineering there, thank you!’ 

Chris, Allen, IT Manager, Slaughden Sailing Club.

With products that are built to last, requiring virtually no maintenance (we think this WindSonic has been in place over 10 years), we enjoy a strong and long standing customer base and it is always great to hear what they have to say. Thank you Chris for sending us your thoughts out of the blue, much appreciated.

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