What Solar Professionals need to know: Use site-level weather data to solve power loss problems.

September 20th, 2019 | Category: Applications & Case Studies, Featured, Product News, Trade Show
Typical utility-scale PV installation.

An improved power forecast can be achieved when performance analysis of a PV plant starts to account for losses due to localised weather conditions. Elements such as air temperature, wind speed, humidity and rainfall are all known to affect solar plant efficiency.

Our offer: 
National or regional weather predictions cannot be solely relied on for site specific solar tracking power forecasts or high wind safety settings. We offer a MetPak Pro weather platform and MaxiMet compact weather stations for monitoring in real-time the weather parameters that are known to affect PV performance.

Next week we will be exhibiting at Solar Power international 2019, join us on our booth #5450 from 23-26th September 2019.  Dan Armistead, our Technical Support Engineer and our Business Development Managers, John Crilly and Shaun Mason, will be presenting our MetPak Pro multi-sensor weather platform,  MaxiMet GMX541, along with ultrasonic wind measurement products and accessories.

If you are not able to make the show or would like to find out more about our solar product range beforehand, visit our new solar microsite gillinstruments.com/solar.

Dan Armistead (left), Shaun Mason (middle) and John Crilly (right).
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