Improving water and agricultural weather data at MeteoHydex

June 29th, 2015 | Category: Events, News Archive

Gill Instruments attended this year’s MeteoHydex in Geneva, one of the largest exhibitions on the topic of meteorological and hydrological instrumentation and equipment.

Metro-Manila-floodingDominating the focus of the event was the power real-time weather information can have on the world’s ability to deal with climate change and adverse weather events. Using the reliable technology of today’s measurement products, organisations and continents are now in the position to gather crucial real-time data on weather parameters and forecasts to help manage the impact of severe weather.

During the event, Hydromet, the World Meteorological Organization, African Development Bank and World Bank Group announced their collaboration to launch a new initiative to help strengthen resilience to extreme weather events in Sub-Saharan Africa. With key aims of improving the real-time data provided to the continent and improve early warning signs and forecasts, the initiative will help save lives and strengthen climate and disaster resilience.

The project will also bring together regional partners and provide additional benefits including improved weather, climate and hydrological services to Sub-Saharan citizens and weather-dependant sectors.

GMX 600smallGill’s latest range of MaxiMet compact weather stations was well received throughout the exhibition. With its unique ability to monitor a wide range of parameters and flexible options including built-in compass, GPS, low power mode and Bluetooth communications, MaxiMet is designed to fit a range of applications in different hydrological and meteorological applications.

By providing a broad range of measurement outputs, Maximet, can help enable better resource allocation of water and agriculture yields, help improve countries data measurement, save lives and improved conditions for future generations.

Manufacturing reliable weather monitoring instrumentation to provide essential data has been a core objective of Gill for the past 25 years and Gill’s technology is central to many meteorological observations worldwide.

For more information on the Hydromet project please visit the Hydromet website.

For more information on MaxiMet click here


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