What problems can MetStream solve?

February 3rd, 2014 | Category: Company News, News Archive

Gill Instruments, developers of MetStream- the new intelligent communications hub, have recently produced a white paper which outlines some of the reoccurring problems meteorologists encounter when connecting sensors and capturing, processing and analysing data, and how MetStream is designed to solve these issues.


MetStream provides a powerful and cost effective solution to managing high data inputs

Meteorologist and author of the paper, Richard McKay, will be exhibiting at the American Meteorological Society’s conference in Atlanta, USA from 2-6 February 2014. Richard will be on stand 903 throughout the show, giving visitors the opportunity to discuss the paper and the potential offered by MetStream.

MetStream, which was released in late 2013 combines both low powered hardware with a flexible web-based user interface allowing users to process, stream and store data from multiple devices via an easy to use system. Designed to connect to a network of sensors, MetStream converts data outputs, at high-speeds into manageable data formats, accessible via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. MetStream provides a powerful and cost effective solution to managing high data inputs streamed from multiple sensors.

Richard McKay, comments “AMS provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the white paper with manufacturers, integrators and end users looking for innovative ways to manage an increasing amount of data over the internet.  Historically power has been the issue when using computers to manage data and remote communications and one Metstream benefit is its very low power consumption. At AMS, I look forward to seeing as many people as possible and explaining more about how Metstream solves other historic issues”.

The white paper ‘What problems do the meteorological and environmental industries encounter when sampling, managing and visualising data from intelligent serial devices?’ is now available from Gill Instruments.

To receive your copy of the white paper please contact info@gillinstruments.com

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