Container terminals use Gill Instruments’ anemometers to increase operating safety

August 8th, 2014 | Category: Applications & Case Studies, News Archive


Container terminals are busy, 24/7 working environments that present many hazards. The multitude of equipment in motion creates a high risk environment.

An additional challenge that can affect both the safety and efficiency of the quayside is high wind. From docking the ships, handling of the containers and their storage, strong winds and their direction can have a serious impact on the operation and hazards at container terminals.

Reliable wind speed and direction measurements are essential. For safety, operations stop when wind gusts reach 25 m/s, and sustained wind speeds reach a continuous 20 m/s.

Gills’ ultrasonic anemometers are installed in a number of international container terminals including Melbourne, Auckland, Buenos Aries, Felixstowe and Hong Kong.

Gills range of 2-axis anemometers provide wind speed (up to 75m/s) and direction (360°) measurements in robust, polycarbonate, aluminium or stainless steel housings giving high quality, reliable and maintenance free fit-and-forget installations. Having no moving parts with high, long-tem accuracy they offer clear advantages over conventional cup-and-vane instruments, particularly in such exposed, salt laden environments.

Learn more about Gill Instruments’ anemometers at container terminals

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