Extreme Weather WindObserver 2-Axis Heated Anemometer Launched

January 24th, 2009 | Category: News Archive, Product News
Extreme Weather WindObserver

High Heating Power for Extreme Conditions

Gill Instruments Ltd announces the launch of the Extreme Weather WindObserver, a precision 2-axis heated ultrasonic anemometer with high heating power designed to remain ice-free in most freezing weather conditions.

The Extreme Weather WindObserver is solid-state, utilising our proven ultrasonic measurement technology to monitor wind speed and direction. With no moving parts to jam, break or wear out, this anemometer can be relied upon to provide accurate, reliable data even in the harshest of operating environments.

Capable of monitoring high wind speeds up to 75m/s (168mph) and with 150 Watts of electrical heating power allowing reliable operation down to -55ºC, this anemometer is well-suited to applications exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Extreme Weather WindObserver is constructed from stainless-steel, with a simple pipe mount as standard (other options available).

For more information please visit the product page or contact our technical team.

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